Organizing Your Home
Home organization pro tips
April 8, 2022 - 8:19 am

Organizing Your Home

The benefits of having an organized home is more than just de-cluttering and tidying up. Our homes are our sanctuaries where we recharge, and keeping it organized can help provide a sense of control, gain a sense of calm and even reduce stress levels. Those with an organized home find it easier to be productive and have more time to spend on what’s important. In this article we give 8 fantastic tips for getting your home organized, and even keeping it organized. The good news is that it’s not difficult, you’ll feel great doing it, and it can even be fun and get the whole family involved. Once you are organized, it’s becomes much easier to stay on top of it and identify when things are slipping.    

What will you need?



  • Trash bags
  • Boxes
  • Pen and Paper.

Staging Area

Find an area to sort though items and get organized. Maybe it’s a bed, or a dining table, a driveway or a bedroom floor. It helps to use a space that isn’t often used. If you already have containers and bags, have them open/lids off, and ready to be used for sorting.

Supply spot

A local hardware store, or a business that sells storage supplies is ideal, but don’t go out buy a ton of stuff. Wait until you see what you need before you go buy it, otherwise you might just be adding to the clutter.


What project to start with?

You don’t need to do the whole house at once, so think about what’s going to make the biggest impact in your house hold. The kitchen is usually top of the list (so you can eat), followed by laundry (so you have clean clothes) and the bedrooms (so you can sleep). These are usually the priorities, but if you already have these in good shape, then move on to the living spaces, bathrooms, guest rooms, basement and finish up with attics and garages...rooms which are used less often.


1) Dishes

Keeping on top of the dishes does’t have to be tricky. Especially if you have a busy household.