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SnapApp is the first on-demand cleaning company that is built for cleaners. We are an on-demand cleaning company that wants to focus on treating our Cleaning team better than any other company in the industry.

We believe that happy cleaners will make happy customers.
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We are the best on-demand cleaning company to work with. The benefits to join SnapApp are amazing!
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We are committed to growing our customer network. We offer free access to our entire customer network to all of our cleaners. We do not charge for leads or jobs. Simply sign up and start cleaning.
Create your own schedule or Be your own boss
Ever feel like your boss wasn’t necessary? We feel the exact same way. Work when you want to work, take the jobs you want to take, and work wherever you want to work. Once you are part of the team, you don’t have to ask, and you can work wherever SnapApp is located.
SnapApp incentive Structure
We offer the best incentive structure in the cleaning industry. This means that all of your jobs are paid at rates that are not matched in today’s cleaning job market.
How It Works?
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Join the team
Free sign-up
No sign on fee, and simple sign up process.
Create your own schedule
Choose your jobs; filter the job board by proximity, date, time and pay.
Time management
View and manage all your claimed jobs and receive on-the-job alerts.
Get paid!
Payment is issued upon completing each job, and 100% of tips are given to the cleaner.
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April 8, 2022 2:07 pm
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